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67 Young People and Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco Andreson, Kellie 1995 substance use and realted problems in Europe; drinking and young people; drug use and your people; tobacco use by young people; the school as a setting for health promotion; education in schools; policies for developing prevention in schools; yout organizations; prevetion-related events and projects United Kingdom; Europe; alcohol; tobacco; Drugs; policy; prevention; youth; schools; children; organization; education; use; abuse
1359 Young People and Drugs. Care and Treatment =Council of Europe 2006 definitions of dependency and recreational, regular, problematic, harmful drug use; epidemiological basis; risk and protective factors in adolescent and youth drug use; how to establish contact with young people who use drugs ?; screening and assessment; treatment and treatment planning; comorbidity of substance abuse: diagnosis and treatment implications in adolescents; treatment considerations for pregnant drug users adolescents; young people; drug use; comorbidity; treatment